4-8 September, 2017
Milano (Italy)

Towards a bio-based economy: science, innovation, economics, education

Bio-based economy (Bioeconomy) aims at reducing the dependence from fossil fuels and finite materials without overexploiting natural resources. According to the definition of the European Commission “Bioeconomy encompasses those parts of economy that use renewable biological resources from land and sea to produce food, biomaterials, bioenergy and bioproducts”. Behind bioeconomy there is much science related to industrial biotechnology and a deep change in Economics and Politics, as
well as societal issues.
A new cross-sector expertise is therefore required. This summer school aims at providing a broad overview of the mentioned issues and will be held by national and international speakers, both from academia and from industry. At least one visit to a company involved in the production of bio-based compounds will be included in the school’s schedule. Because of its inter-disciplinarity, the program welcomes participants with different backgrounds. Participants should be aware that a basic knowledge about the scientific basis of biotechnology is required and can ask organizers for advice.
Networking and discussion among students and lecturers will be encouraged and fostered throughout the duration of the school, with social event and a poster session.

8 May, 2017
Parma (Italy)

One-Day Course: Proteins as drug target, proteins as drug, and protein degradation as therapeutic strategy

15-19, July, 2017
Spetses (Greece)

IUBMB Advanced School – A molecular view of the food-health relationship


Way too often, the various classes of bioactive components in food are considered as “drugs”, and studied as isolated systems also in their interactions with the macrobiota. This advanced course aims at framing the health effects of nutrients in a holistic way, by considering the molecular relationships that occur among food components when they are processed, eaten, and come in contact with the human microbiota. Attention will also be paid to specific metabolic and/or behavioral disorders and to food intolerances. The course will address the molecular drivers of the food-health relationships, and outline the molecular basis of possible interventions when required and appropriate.

Target: The advanced school is primarily aimed at young scientists (PhD students, post-docs, junior faculty) active in the fields of biochemistry, nutrition, food science, and related disciplines.


18 Jennuary, 2017
Napoli (Italy)

Workshop dei docenti e ricercatori del SSD BIO/10 campani

Lo scopo del Workshop è quello di contribuire a fare sempre più “comunità”, stimolare possibili collaborazioni e coinvolgere soprattutto i nostri giovani ricercatori nella organizzazione del prossimo Congresso della SIB.
Il Workshop ha avuto un riscontro molto positivo (99 poster inviati da 72 proff. ordinari, associati e ricercatori), ottenendo anche una sponsorizzazione che consentirà a 10 nostri giovani di iscriversi alla nostra Società.

22-24 February, 2017
Parma (Italy)

Advanced School on Protein Structure and Dynamics: from Spectroscopy to Mass Spectrometry