Past Congresses 2017-2018

20-22 September, 2017
Caserta, Italy

SIB 2017 59th Congress

2-6 July, 2017
Groningen, The Netherlands

19th triennial International Symposium on Flavins and Flavoproteins


The symposium will highlight recent developments in the field of flavin-dependent proteins and processes. The vibrancy of the field of flavin-based chemistry and flavoenzymology will be highlighted in sessions on: Newly discovered flavoproteins; Flavin-based chemistry; Flavoenzyme mechanisms & structures; Flavoenzyme engineering; Flavoproteins & light; Flavoenzymes & health; Flavoenzymes & industrial applications.
During the last five decades, the “Flavins & Flavoproteins” symposia have developed into stimulating and convivial scientific meetings. We hope that this symposium will again serve the community of flavinologists and new researchers entering the fascinating field of flavoenzymology.

10-13 July, 2017
Varese, Italy

IDAR2017 – 3rd International Conference on D-Amino Acid Research

D-amino acids are emerging as a new important class of bioactive molecules.
These biomolecules are found throughout phylogeny from Protozoan to Mammals where they play important biological functions with relevance for human pathologies. D-amino acids are particularly attractive for biotechnological applications and for drug development. They also attract the interest of chemists and exobiologists.
The number of researchers interested in D-amino acids, willing to exchange skills, techniques and scientific advances,has rapidly progressed: we are just at the beginning to disclose the importance of this class of biomolecules.

12-14 July, 2017
Parma, Italy


Terza edizione di questo appuntamento rivolto a tutti i giovani intraprendenti che lavorano nel campo delle nanotecnologie.
La prima giornata sarà dedicata al JOB DAY in cui diverse aziende del setore nanotecnologie presenteranno il loro business, evidenziando prospettive ed opportunità del setore.
Il 3rd “Parma” NANO-DAY prevede poi due giornate di sessioni tematche: aspetti normatvi ed economici, tecnologie e applicazioni in ambito agroalimentare, ambiente, biotecnologie, salute e benessere

10-14 September, 2017
Padova, Italy

SPIN-2017: The 8th Conference on Nitroxides

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Spin-2017 is an international conference dealing with the latest advances in the use of nitroxides in all fields of science, from biology to material science. The invited speakers will be internationally recognized experts in their respective fields.

24-28 September, 2017
Udine, Italy

6th EU-US Conference on repair of endogenous DNA damage

This is the sixth of a series of meetings between scientists from the United States and Europe who are interested in endogenous DNA damage and its repair. This meeting will explore the latest developments and cutting edge technologies in this research area with an emphasis on understanding the etiology of human disease and the development of personalized approaches to cancer therapy as well as treatment strategies to delay and/or reduce genome damage associated with aging.