Why should you join?

All SIB members receive information regarding fellowships, courses, meetings and workshops. Junior SIB Members can obtain fellowships for travel or as visiting fellows abroad. Members can also spread information related to their scientific activities and obtain support for the organisation of Courses and Meetings.

The subscription to SIB can be a valuable opportunity for all researchers who utilize the molecular techniques in their work.

Member Categories

SIB Membership can be obtained as Ordinary or Junior Member.

Application and Registration forms should be filled in by applicant, and sent, together with a short CV (2-3 pages), by Email to the Scientific Secretary.

Notice: Application form should be undersigned by three current Ordinary or Honorary Members who fulfilled the social fee.

Social Fees

2018 annual social fee is:

70 € for Ordinary Members, which is reduced to 60 € if paid before February 28th;
45 € for Ordinary Members without a permanent position (tenure position), such as post-docs and RTD-a (a certification of the present position must be provided);
25 € for Junior Members, aged under 35 and with no permanent position.

Both Ordinary and Junior Members must yearly renew the subscription within February 28th, by:

Bank transfer to SIB as follows:

account number 40384522 entitled to:
Società Italiana di Biochimica e Biologia Molecolare
UNICREDIT BANCA – Agenzia 19 di Milano, Via Carlo Farini, 75 – MILANO
ABI 02008 – CAB 01619 – IBAN IT 87 H 02008 01619 000040384522